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Chris Hershey has been involved with the Basenji breed since 1981 when he rescued a pair of Basenjis.  The pair later produced a litter of 6.  He was one of the few people in the greater Michigan area to finish a Basenji in obedience.


Currently he owns four Basenjis and concentrates on conformation showing.  His oldest, Aurora, holds an AKC Championship and his male, Zawadi, holds both a Canadian and US Championship.  Fatina is working on both her American and Canadian Championship and whelped her first litter (fathered by Zawadi) in November 2008.  His youngest female is a result of that breeding. He is currently expecting a new litter the 16th of October 2009.


He is an active member of the Basenji Club of America.


Chris also has shown other breeds.

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